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Welcome to the Border-Wide EE Coalition!

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A binational collaboration of Environmental Educators working on the US-Mexico border

Welcome to the Border-Wide EE Coalition, home of the Border-EE Web.  For over eight years, we've been serving the border community by providing a fully searchable bilingual database of over 1,100 agencies and organizations involved in advocating environmental education along the US-Mexico border states.  And in June, we hosted the first bilingual, binational NAAEE-supported conference in Juárez, Mexico, which was a fantastic success!  (You can read more about it and see pictures by clicking on the link below).

This is an exciting time for Environmental Educators across the US-México Border; a time of change and challenge, but also of renewed hope and collaboration. Our field is slowly growing and gaining the recognition it deserves in the environmental arena.   In the hopes of keeping you as up-to-date as possible, we will be bringing you new things to get excited about the Coalition site. As always, the EE Directory will continue to serve as a communication portal for the US-Mexico border regions.   You’ll be seeing more news updates that will include up-to-date information about upcoming EE events, conferences, and meetings.  These resources, along with other tools such as our event calendar, bilingual database, and bi-national programs showcase, can be found here on our website.  Soon, we will also be launching a brand new, fully interactive forum, where you will be able to search, read, and post information pertinent to current Environmental Education issues.

Finally, we would like to extend our most gracious thanks to EPA Region 6, who has given us the opportunity to update our databases and help us host the first Border-Wide EE Conference.  We invite you to check out our website and let us know if you have any suggestions, advice, or questions.  Thanks for being a part of our network!

In the Spotlight:

Humor and EE: It's all fun and games until somebody learns!

TG Logos

Stock your environmental and conservation education toolkit with tools and techniques that use play, humor and laughter to create lasting positive emotional associations with the environment; attract audiences and inspire learners; address common challenges; bridge cultures; and empower people. 

We'll be hosting three workshops on our "(Almost) Border-Wide Tour", find a city near you, register and come and share "a laugh and a learn" with us. More...

"Air, Awareness, and Action" Curriculum!

aaa logoPunto Verde Consultants and the Environmental Education Exchange welcome you to the "Air, Awareness, and Action" course!  This course forms part of a pilot program, Sustainable Schools, that is currently being carried out in four border cities.  Learning and practicing the philosophies and values of a Sustainable School will not only improve your school's environment, but it will also have a positive impact within the community as well as the students.  To get you started, we've prepared a list of free resources for you to use as you transform your school into a sustainable place for education.  Get all the chapter and activities here.

Air, Awareness, and Action Workshopborder2012

As the importance of being an environmentally-aware community grows, we have an ever growing responsibility to teach our young people to be agents of change for the future. Learning the philosophies and values of a truly sustainable school will not only enhance the community around you, but will develop in your students a lasting sense of responsibility for caring for the natural world and enable your school to become a vision for others. The  Air, Awareness and Action workshop led by Environmental Education Exchange and Punte Verde for elementary school teachers (grades 3-6) will provide the toolkit for teachers to become agents of change in their own classrooms, and give schools the tools they need to become sustainable and energy efficient.  Saturday, November 15, 2008 in El Paso, TexasMore....

Border-Wide EE Conference in Juárez a Great Success!


With the mission of providing a safe and supportive place for the discussion of environmental programs and partnerships throughout the US-MX border regions, the first binational, bilingual NAAEE Border-Wide EE Conference took place in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, June 25-27, 2008.  In conjunction with the Border 2012 Program, the Conference turned out to be an unforgettable opportunity to meet, share, and become familiar with the projects, work, and expertise of other educators in the region while also being a perfect place to design and begin implementing projects for the future.  More....

Environmental Educators Gather to Share Ideas about Sustainability, Developmentsemarnat

With the objective of promoting the professional participation and collaboration in the U.S.-Mexico border regions towards a dialogue in which to elevate the importance and effectiveness of Environmental Education as a vital tool inside the framework of the Border Program 2012, the Regional Meeting of Environmental Educators in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region took place on November 2-4, 2007 at the CETYS University facilities, Tijuana Campus, Baja California.  The event hosted close to 80 environmental educators from the region, who participated in three days of workshops and discussion forums, sharing experiences and exchanging ideas that will allow them to better develop their work as environmental educators in the U.S.-Mexico border region. More...

Green Teacher

Green Teacher En Español!

At the beginning of 2006, Green Teacher added two new sections to their website Green Teacher en español and Green Teacher en français where visitors can freely download a selection of Green Teacher articles and learning activities that have been translated into Spanish and French.The service is free. We hope that over time the collection will grow to become a well-used and useful resource, not only for North American educators, but also for educators in Spanish and French-speaking countries around the world. More...

EE Program Showcase:

EECC Logo MedThe Environmental Education Council for the Californias (EECC)

The EECC is a binational network of environmental research, policy, outreach, advocacy, and grassroots organizations. Their mission is to advance a culture of sustainability in the region by addressing the environmental, economic, and social access issues surrounding environmental education in the Californias and focusing on increasing environmental awareness and understanding and the subsequent behaviors leading to responsible action for the environment. More...

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